Forbidden Island

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Forbidden Island
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The Forbidden Islandicon game app is based on the best-selling board game. I’ve never played the board game, but have read that it is an awesome cooperative game. The only other cooperative game I’ve played is Pandemic and I really enjoy the we all win or we all lose aspect of this type of gameplay.

Forbidden Islandicon takes place in a sinking island where you and your team-mates have to get the treasures before the entire island submerges under water.

The Forbidden Islandicon Rules were a little confusing when I first read them, so we just jumped in to playing and it quickly made sense. Each player is assigned a role. You could be an Explorer, a Pilot, a Navigator, a Diver, an Engineer or a Messenger. With each role comes a special ability. On your turn you can take up to 3 actions. An action can either be moving a space, “shoring up a tile” – which basically means clicking on sandbags to stop the flooding, you can give another player a treasure card or capture a treasure. You need 4 treasure cards to capture a treasure.

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Forbidden Island

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later. $4.99