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Poor Tap Poker. Tap Poker from iTunes is a decent looking app and it’s free, but for some reason it doesn’t attract players. With the Tap Poker app, you start with a lot of chips so you aren’t forced to buy them immediately (like some really annoying paid apps I could mention). But for some reason no one is using this app! I’ve tried it twice (mid-afternoon PST) and each time I sat ALONE at a tournament table for a few minutes before returning to the lobby. With Tap Poker there is a cool screen where you can scroll through the active cash game tables. Today, I could see there was just under 2 full tables.

I would totally recommend this app if it wasn’t for the lack of players. You start with lots of chips, the chat functionality is a little clunky but cute, there aren’t any additional features (no hand meters, no tells) though you can buy virtual clothing and drinks and gifts for yourself or for the whole table. The play moves pretty slow, but I think that’s the level we’re playing at here.

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