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Agent Dash
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Agent Dash is a visually stunning “endless running” game in the style of Temple Run that offers some of the best eye candy currently available for mobile devices. The top shelf graphics are paired with fun gameplay, social networking features, and plenty of challenges, making Agent Dash an easy download to recommend.

Agent Dash tasks players with steering a 007-like secret agent through an endless run from one action movie scene after another. The game is heavily influenced by the classic Pixar movie “The Incredibles”, borrowing everything from its funky 1960s spy-action bossa nova soundtrack to its retro-hip design palette from Brad Bird’s animated magnum opus. Derivative as it is, there are far worse motifs for a game to ape, and the design direction works well. As with Temple Run and the other running style games currently available on the Apple and Google app markets, swipe movements are used to jump, slide, and dodge obstacles and enemies, in addition to collected as much sparkling gem loot as possible. Agent Dash also adds shooting and multiple playable characters to the mix.

The game’s graphics are the standout feature here, with fully rendered 3D environments nearly on par with console games. The app looks great on phone-sized screens and also translates phenomenally to tablet viewing. Agent Dash’s opening jungle level is easily one of the best looking environments seen in a mobile game, with fantastic layering and sophisticated use of lighting effects. Sunlight pours in, waterfalls spill over with transparent sheens, and polygon rocks are nicely textured, not just brown blobs. Your tuxedo wearing agent is well animated and fluid in his cartoony movements. The end result is an app with a “wow” factor, and one that pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming apps forward.

Agent Dash is also likely to push many players’ patience. The game is challenging, bordering on downright hard at points. Sharp reflexes are needed right from the game’s first moments, and just when the gameplay seems somewhat predictable, new obstacles and pitfalls appear. The mechanics of jumping, turning, and sliding require split-second accuracy, and that level of intensity is serious fuel for phone throwing episodes. To its credit, Agent Dash presents such a visually and audibly pleasing environment that players are likely to find themselves going back for extra helpings of punishment.

As a free download for iOS and Google platforms, giving Agent Dash a go is a no-brainer, if for nothing more than to check out the game’s visuals. Don’t expect a quick sprint, however- Agent Dash mixes in a great deal of challenge with its simple gameplay and slick graphics, ensuring that players will want to embark on its funky secret mission again and again.

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Agent Dash

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later. Free!
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Agent Dash

REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.3.3 and up Free!