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Blood Run review
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Blood Run is a solid, open-ended challenge in the vein of Temple Run. With neat graphics, good sound and a wonderful balance between satisfaction and challenge, Blood Run is another positive entry into the “run” genre of iPad and iPhone games.

Gameplay in Blood Run follows a simple, yet endearing strategy. You are a samurai. Enemies such as regular troops, shield dudes, pike guys, big hunkers with batons, arrows and shuriken-throwing ninjas block your way as you endless sprint across a never-ending battlefield. Points are awarded for killing enemies in a row, not getting hit, and making it further and further into battle. After a seventh hits, it’s game over and you start again to see if you can break your top score.

The challenge in Blood Run comes in as things speed up and more and more enemies pop on screen with less and less time to react. Based on either pressing attack or defense, nailing certain button combos determine how long you will survive the frenzied fray.

Although Blood Run certainly doesn’t break the mold in terms of the “run” genre, it’s as addicting and satisfying as the best of them. For those who enjoyed Temple Run, Bear Grylls Survival Run, and a host of the other “run” games, for just a buck, you can be sure, adding Blood Run to your list of iPad or iPhone games will provide just as much entertainment as the last never-ending points spree you went on.

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Blood Run

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. $0.99
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Blood Run

REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.2 and up $1.21