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Kingdom Rush is a medieval tower defense game for mobile devices that I could barely put down long enough to write this review. With tower defense games being so popular these days, the odds are you’ve already played one (or a few) and have found your “Flavor” of choice for this sort of experience: whether it be dressing the entire thing up with plants and zombies, making it about mechs, including glorious HD graphics, or licensing South Park. Kingdom Rush, manages to stand out in a crowded genre by delighting, entertaining and stimulating the user with compelling gameplay, adorable graphics, excellent sound, and some memorable music.

Control is a breeze. Tap on designated plots of land to build various towers, such as archers, mages, motars, barracks, and a few other structures that are equally as important. There is no “black sheep” structure so to speak. You can then upgrade these towers by clicking on them after amassing enough gold, and clicking the upgrade button. To keep things interesting during the actual assault from enemies, you’re allowed a couple of bonus attacks, namely a meteor shower from the heavens that you can call upon once every few minutes, and the ability to place some lowly farmers anywhere on the map to temporarily halt the enemies’ advances. The control is so seamless here that I feel if this game were released on an Xbox, 3DS, or other platform, it would actually lose something in the translation. As someone who’s been playing a lot of casual and IOS games lately, this is probably the one closest I’ve seen to being a “killer app” for the platform.

I’m not sure if the developers of Kingdom Rush had Warcraft 2 in mind when developing the art style for this game, but it certainly feels like they did. The graphics are cartoony without being silly, and easily distinguish themselves from one another after being upgraded. For example your soldiers will start off as just regular looking folks, then after an upgrade they’ll wear helmets, after the next one they’ll get a little shield, then after a few more end up looking like some pretty badass warriors. I hate use the word cute, but the entire presentation is, in fact, quite cute. It reminds me of Blizzard Entertainment’s classic RTS in the best way possible.

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Kingdom Rush

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