Tower Defense: Lost Earth

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I downloaded Tower Defense by Com2uS last week but didn’t try to play it because of its masculine look and feel. A day later I saw a kid sitting on the bumper of a taco truck completely engaged in his iPhone. I asked him what he was playing and he said it was a great new tower defense game called “Come to us.” I went home and googled it and figured out that he was playing the same game I just downloaded by the developer Com2uS. The kid was so excited about the app and it was #1 on the iTunes charts for a second so I figured I had to give it a shot.

Plants vs. Zombies was my first tower defense game and I have to admit I’ve been playing it daily now for a few months, so I’m due for a new tower defense game. Tower Defense: Lost Earth is about a time in the future where we’ve lost our resources on Earth and we’re searching for habitable planets. You’ve landed on a planet with hostile inhabitants. Your goal is to overcome the enemy in order to settle here.

Tower Defense Walkthrough

From the start screen you select “Campaign,” “Challenge,” or “Special Missions.” I’m currently going through the “Campaign” which has 40 levels. Select the level you want to play, and from there you are on the Tower Select page. Here you can see the incoming enemy and once you’ve unlocked all of your weapons you’ll ultimately be able to select how to arm yourself. Once you start playing a level, you can place your weapons on the green squares. (I like to start near where the enemies are entering). Tap the square and the towers you have enough resources for are displayed. Select the one you want to place and then hit ok. The number of resources you have are displayed at the top of the screen. You earn resources by killing the enemy and completing waves of attacks. Tap your tower again to see if it can be upgraded and how much it will cost. Once you have enough resources, tap your weapon to upgrade it, you can do this up to two times. If you accidentally placed a tower in the wrong spot and need resources fast, you can downgrade a tower by tapping it and selecting the hexagon that appears below the tower. Here you can also see how many resources you will receive in return for the downgrade.

My biggest tip for passing levels is that if you’re on a level with rocks that you can shoot at, destroy them all. That way you’ll earn much needed extra resources. The same goes for the level with the generator. Remove all of the rocks and use all of the generator spots.

As of this writing, I’ve zipped through 12 levels, but unfortunately I have to share this game with my husband. So we go back and forth level for level and unlike PvZ, Tower Defense doesn’t save individual game info so you’ll remember where we left off. To me, that’s the only drawback to this game, otherwise it’s completely addictive. At first I downloaded the regular version of the game and almost didn’t get the HD version because of the reviews on iTunes about it crashing. It seems that Com2uS has addressed this issue and released a new version yesterday, which is what I’ve been playing. Again awesome game.

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