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Boggle, the famous word-search game is now an app for the iPad and iPhone. I think the Boggle App is even better than the original old-timey board game version. Shake your device to scramble the letters then find as many 3 letter or more words that you can within 3 minutes. At the end of a round, the game lets you know how bad your vocabulary is by showing you how many words could have been formed with the 16 letters. You can challenge a friend to beat your high score by either emailing an invite or by Facebook (though you’re required to install the app to your account if you go that route).

If you want to play with a friend, there is a Pass ‘n Play mode and a Self Score Mode. In Pass ‘n Play, one player goes first for the entire three minutes, then you pass the device to your opponent to play for 3 minutes. Self score is just like the original Boggle game, where you shake up the letters, then place iPhone or iPad in front of both players to then write down their words on a piece of paper. You then have to self score.

Even though I’m not the highest achiever in Boggle, I really enjoy Advanced Mode. In Advanced Mode you can set your time limit and you have two additional options. The first is called “Portal Cubes.” When you form a word, the first and last letter of the word will swap. I find that gives more variety and options to the board. The other option is called “Panic Flip” which gives you a whole new board configuration in the last 20 seconds of your game.

The Boggle app should be on every word game lovers iPhone or iPad.

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