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Charadiumicon is a Pictionary style game app where players can choose from three words with varying difficulty and draw an image representing the word for points. Players take turns drawing and guessing the words. At first there aren’t any clues to the answer, but as time progresses in the lower right hand corner of the screen there are lines representing how many letters are in the word, and slowly the word gets filled in to help you guess. You have your choice of ink colors, and drawing devices like a pencil, marker, paint brush, wide paint brush, spray paint, a very fun magic wand, and a feather brush.

There are three options of gameplay in Charadiumicon; Classic Charadium, King of the Hill and Ping Pong. Classic Charadium and King of the Hill are multi-player options where you can play with strangers or start a private room for you and your friends. Classic Charadium is just that, classic live drawing for 15 rounds where you take turns guessing and drawing. In King of the Hill, only the player with the most points gets to draw, and Ping Pong is turn based drawing where you log in, draw or guess and log out.

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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later. $2.99