Waking Mars Walkthrough

by, Matt Akers

Since you’re here, I’ll assume you’ve already started playing Waking Mars and are fully aware of its coolness. You’re also probably stuck somewhere in the game.

No need to fear (or, more likely, throw your iPad across the room). Take a deep breath, grab some Fruit Gushers and relax. This game can be frustrating, but it plays best when thinking as a spirited explorer. I’m here to help guide you through the living, breathing chambers of the Red Planet as clearly as I can.

There are dozens of chambers in this game, so I’ve broken them down by name. Chamber names can be found on your map. If you’re having trouble with a particular area, jump right to it on the list. The order I’ve put them in here isn’t set in stone by any means, but it worked for me.

Generally, I’m here to give basic guidance on how to get through the game for the first time. You can figure out research and jetpacking on your own. I believe in you. Ultimately, the goal is to reach biomass level 5 on every level. Because there are countless creative ways to do so, though, I’ll leave that up to players. At the end of this guide, there is a list of general strategies to gain more biomass.

Lastly, I would suggest using this guide solely as a last resort. Waking Mars is truly a unique experience, and its value lies mostly in exploring on your own. It’s important that players get that experience.

But it’s also important that you finish it, so here you go:

“First encounter”: Pretty straightforward. Collect the Halid seeds on the ground and plant them in the fertile terrain. This is what you’ll be doing for most of the game.

“Melted Well”: More of the same.

“New Life”: Collect your first Hydron seeds and use them to water the three Halid Zoa. Once the first Cerebrane opens up, plant any combination of Halid and Hydron seeds in the empty terrain.

“Newton’s Corner”: Plant and water enough Halid Zoa to reach level 3 biomass (3 stars).

“Aggressive Erosion”: No need to plant here, just advance through the chamber until you reach a dead end. Be careful not to make contact with the acid pools or drippings (generally a good rule for life). If you’re low on health, stand next to the watered Halid on your way back up to heal. A second exit is now available.

“Chamber of Columns”: To access this chamber, just go all the way to the southeast of “Newton’s Corner.” Towards the bottom of the large area you can find the first camera of your missing mech, 0CT0. This chamber is a dead end, so go ahead and fast travel back to the outpost.

“Recovery”: After crap goes down, you’re on your own. Stand on the two breakable looking brown areas in the center of the chamber until they crumble. Below, plant and reproduce Halid Zoa to gain Biomass level 2.

“Hourglass”: Water the Halid Zoa with the Hydron seed lying on the ground. (As a general note, try to be careful with Hydron seeds; they’re easy to waste.) There are some more at the very bottom. Use them to reproduce Halid Zoa, then throw Halid seeds at the creepy Phytas to reach biomass level 3 and gain some research.

“This Bites”: Find your first Prax seeds in the southeast corner and plant them in the acidic soil until the Cerebrane opens.

“Prax Lair”: No need to plant here. Try to avoid the Prax Zoa and acid as you make your way to the northeast corner of the chamber. If you need healing, you can plant and water a Halid along the way.

“Lost Mars”: Plant the Prax seed found here. Once it grows, herd one of the Phytas into its mouth. This will produce another Prax seed that you’ll need to increase biomass to level 3.

At the bottom center of the chamber, you’ll find 0CT0′s second camera module. Raise the chamber to level 4 biomass and exit in the southeast corner.

“Noctis Labyrinthus”: Work your way to the cliff, down, and back west underground.

“Harvester”: As the title suggests, there’s a new species to research in the southwest corner called a Harvester. Besides that, plant enough Halid seeds here (make sure to get the red enriched soil) to reach biomass level 3. (Note: It isn’t difficult to get 5 stars in this chamber now. If you can manage to do so, you’ll be able to acquire the Harvester research.)

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