Word Game Apps for iPhone

The best word game apps of 2012 for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle Fire, Droid phones and Android tablets, including our favorites: Boggle, Word to Word and Scrabble.




    Free!/$1.99 - Springy, Word Game Apps
    Wordplay is a fresh iOS take on Scrabble with a slight hint of Tetris. In an industry riddled with mediocre word games, the key aspects that make a new one stand out are originality a...

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  • W.E.L.D.E.R.

    $3.99 - Ayopa Games, Puzzle Apps, Word Game Apps
    W.E.L.D.E.R. is an ingenious and highly addictive word game app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Find and create words by "swapping" lettered tiles that are either vertically, horizo...

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    word game apps W.E.L.D.E.R.
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  • Scramble with Friends

    Free!/$0.99 - Two Player Apps, Word Game Apps, Zynga
    Scramble with Friends is a challenging, fun app that you can play online against your friends. Scramble with Friends has two versions: a free version and a paid version.  The free ve...

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    scramble with friends
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  • Word Mess

    $0.99 - Masala Games, Word Game Apps
    Word Mess is a unique word game app that is steadily climbing the charts on iTunes. Word Mess consists of 3 types of sixty second word search games within a word cloud. You can choo...

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    Word Mess
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    $0.99 - Electronic Arts, Two Player Apps, Word Game Apps
    Boggle, the famous word-search game is now an app for the iPad and iPhone. I think the Boggle App is even better than the original old-timey board game version. Shake your device to...

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    Boggle App
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  • SpellTower

    $1.99 - Word Game Apps, Zach Gage
    SpellTower is a great find-a-word game app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Tap or swipe the letters on the board in a sequence to form a word. The word has to be at least 3 le...

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  • Alexia

    $0.99 - Prometoys Limited, Word Game Apps
    My mom told me about Alexia. It's the first and only game app she has on her phone and she says she's "addicted to it!" My mom loves word games. Boggle, Scrabble, Bananagrams - if ...

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    word game apps
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  • 7 Little Words

    Free! - Blue Ox Technologies, Word Game Apps
    7 Little Words is a great word game app that was featured in Oprah's Magazine 'O' in September 2011. Each puzzle consists of 7 clues for 7 words. You are given 20 sets of letters th...

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    7 little words game
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  • Word to Word

    FREE!/$0.99 - MochiBits, Word Game Apps
    I recently downloaded the Word to Word game for $0.99 on my new Kindle Fire. Word to Word is a word association game. You have to match a list of 8 words on one side of the screen w...

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    Word to Word Game
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  • Scrabble

    Free!/$1.99/$2.99 - Board Game Apps, Electronic Arts, Word Game Apps
    The Scrabble app is a must have for all you word game fans out there.  If you like enhancing your vocabulary and besting friends (or the computer) then Scrabble is what you are loo...

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    Scrabble Dictionary
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